Episode #3 – The Hidden Hazards of DIY Water Cleanup: Insights from Restoration Expert Chad Mallonee

What Are The Risks In Homeowners Cleaning Up Their Own Water Damage?

Discover the unseen perils of DIY water damage cleanup as Chad Mallonee from Hazard Clean Restoration joins us to reveal the complexities that homeowners often overlook. With his extensive knowledge, Chad breaks down the deceptive nature of seemingly dry materials and the alarming rate at which mold can develop, emphasizing the hidden dangers that can escalate into health risks and structural damage. His insights into the nuanced science behind professional water extraction and restoration will leave you questioning the safety of tackling such tasks without expert assistance.

This episode is not just about the risks, but also a deep dive into the advanced equipment and techniques that set professionals apart. Chad walks us through the use of moisture meters, thermal imaging, and the strategic application of dehumidifiers and air movers, making a compelling case for the invaluable expertise that professionals bring to water damage restoration. For homeowners and the curious-minded, Chad’s discussion is an eye-opening look at what goes into restoring a home to its safe, livable state, including how insurance often plays a pivotal role in these situations. Join us for this informative session that could save you not just time and money, but potentially your health as well.

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